4th Feb 2023, Saturday

Discovering the New Way

Come and join us for a one-day in-person design hackathon to learn by doing. Students, budding designers and design thinkers will get a chance to work on real-life problems, hear from expert speakers about how to approach while solving these problems, try their hands at designing and building products — and share all of that with like-minded peers.

Event Details

Building better ideas, faster

Registration Process

Registration for Design Hack Starts on - Tuesday 17th January 2023 and Ends on – Wednesday 1st February 2023. After Registrations are closed, you will go through our selection process. Post that you will receive a confirmation email on your selection to participate in Design Hack 2023.

Date and Time

Join us for the Design Hackathon on 4th February 2023 from 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM.

Team Allocation

The team will be formed on the 4th and we'll provide you with a problem statement.


The award ceremony will take place immediately following jury deliberation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for a design hackathon through the Design Hack Website . You may have to fill out a registration form and provide some personal and professional information.

Design hackathons typically last between 8 -9 hours .

After registration closes, you will go through our screening process. Post that you will receive a confirmation email on your selection to participate in Design Hack 2023.

Participants should bring their laptops, chargers, and any other equipment they need to work on their projects.

After the hackathon is over, teams will present their projects to juries . Juries will then select the winners, who will receive prizes or other recognition. Even if your team doesn't win, many times the projects developed during the event can be turned into real products or solutions.

Yes, there are usually rules and guidelines that participants must follow during a design hackathon. This may include rules about intellectual property, team size, and the use of specific tools or technologies. Participants should review these rules and guidelines before the hackathon begins.

We believe some of the most creative and technologically exciting ideas come from people of all backgrounds. We encourage you to participate and share your ideas. And.. we will assign a mentor to your team who will guide you through the process.

Yes, all the participants who submit the solution to their identified problems will be given verifiable participation certificates. And many more goodies from our partners..

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