Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance System

"This case study showcases how Winjit’s Unconventional way of implementing BLE
based solution resulted in a system that was difficult to tamper with and ensured zero
downtime to provide real time information and implement micro location based services."


The primary goals of this Smart Attendance System are:
To get the Employee Attendance report in more accurate and precise form using the Beacon Technology.
To generate various accurate reports which are integrated with existing Share point portal.
To ensure that System Administrator has appropriate level of control and oversight over employee work timings.
Alert messages in the event of emergency.


The customers can be organizational level users where the attendance tracking is important. This solution can be utilized by public and private level users.


System should allow integration with the SharePoint portal for generation of various kind of reports for the Attendance System using Beacon Technology. The Beacon uses Low Power and works on proximity to allow capture details of Employee who are near to iPad devices. This system also helps and lets the administrator know the latest location of checkout/in of the employee.