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ServicesAccelerate your Security Strategy to protect
the Digital Assets, User and Data

ServicesAccelerate your Security Strategy to protect
the Digital Assets, User and Data

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Winjit’s Intelligent CyberSecurity Solution Suite built by our highly skilled experts who leverage their experience and knowledge with the latest technology using automation and AI​

Our robust Penetration testing creates a simulated attack to identify security vulnerabilities and help you implement security upgrades to plug up any security weakness discovered during the test.​

Challenges & Solutions

Exploitable residual security vulnerabilities

Tool-based web application vulnerability assessment for continuous detection of security issues​

Limited security testing coverage and late detection of security issues

White box testing – Secure code analysis in build phase followed by application security/pen testing along with SIT

Exponential growth of applications and channels

Implementing security as part of QA by taking shift-left approach.

Prioritize possible threats and minimizing their attack surface

Structured vulnerability management portal.

Cybersecurity solutions for your business

Spinning Cube Open Source Tool

Best practices using commercial and open-source tools​

Spinning Gear Software tool

Collaborative strategic alliances with leading industry security testing software/tool providers

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Superior testing results as per the standard industry best practices.

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Making security affordable and easy to adapt ​

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Automate Cybersecurity Reporting Using Analytics​

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Security awareness training programs for your organization

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Security testing service for Cloud, AI, IoT based applications.

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Industry standard certified professionals (Certified security consultants CEH, ECSA, OSCP, CISSP, etc.)​

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Way of interacting and working with the clients makes the Zero distance to customers to achieve better results.​


How we partner with your business

Advisory and Consulting

  • Identification & Classification
  • Know your risks
  • Risk rating and prioritising

Testing and Remediation

  • Focused tests conducted to detect vulnerabilities
  • Detailed assessment report
  • Appropriate remediation approach recommended

Managed Services

  • Continued protection and compliance
  • Ensuring recommended regulatory compliance adherence

Unleash the value of your security investments to achieve
business objectives with our SecureSense

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