Salesforce in Dairy Farm & Milk Delivery

Salesforce in Dairy Farm & Milk Delivery

"The volatility of a customer is highest in this market due to local supply available but has the highest potential (as every household needs milk everyday) if the customer is
serviced with the same zest as an e-commerce customer."


India is largest producer of Milk across the Globe. With an estimated market size of USD 2 billion, it is 80% unorganized. Advancements in the industry are always done to reduce the cost and improve productivity which is then passed on to the customer. Less focus is given on Customer Service and Milk Delivery.


One of the leading enterprises with a wide range of industries decided to foray into the world of dairy and be one of the leading organized players. With 1,200 Holstein Friesian cows in a 50-acre farm, the organization currently is one of the biggest producer and distributor of different variants of milk. It delivers around 10,000 liters of milk every day for every month round the year.


With around 8000 daily active consumers of milk, the organisation was looking for a system which will enable them to grow at an exponential rate keeping the customer service at the core. The requirement was to have a state of art solution which will aid in increasing the customer base by 40% every month. This involved Marketing, Sales, Lead Management, Customer Management, Delivery, Customer Service and Customer Retention. This solution should also integrate with the backend delivery management system to execute timely delivery of Milk to the customer.