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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a promising type of business procedure automation technology. This has been evolving on the basis …

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Smart Digital Banking

The banking sector is undoubtedly going through substantial reforms to cope up with the technological advancements unlike the past…

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Robo Analysts

Since ages, Robots are feared to be taking over our world. Well, to an extent it has become a reality. At least the investment world…

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Omni Channel Digital Banking

The expectations of digital banking have completely changed in the past couple of decades. Where in the beginning when the digital banking…

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Transforming Banking by Blockchain

Blockchain has emerged as the major multiplier and has completely transformed many industries. The major beneficiary has been the banking and..

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AI & Cognitive Opportunities

The IT sector is always buzzing with new inventions and offerings on the block, and Artificial Intelligence is a field, which offers …

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Banking Transformation

Banking is indeed moving out of the confined formats of brick & mortar. The consumer of the modern era does demand services & convenience…

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Finance 4.0

Let us understand the On-Set of Finance 4.0. With the inception of Industry 4.0, the change in technological infrastructure took place…

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Modular Digital Banking

The digital revolution in banking is much more than just shifting from conventional banking to digital banking. This has given various…

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Open Banking & Its Effect

The term Open Banking is referred to as the practice in which financial information is shared electronically through a secure digital passage.

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Target of Cyber Criminals

BFSI sector target of cybercriminals in 2018 and how AI can overcome this. In the last couple of years, a particular trend has been witnessed…

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Voice Biometric Technology

The growing popularity and acceptability of Artificial Intelligence techniques have not only made business processes easier…

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