Quality Inspection of Windshield Motor System

Quality Inspection of Windshield Motor System

"This case study showcases a similar scenario where due to repetitive human errors, the company was facing losses. But, with the help of Winjit’s Machine Vision, the problem was rectified, enhancing the quality and quantity of products."


At times it becomes difficult for our eyes to carry out a complex task which often leads to failure of a product. If such an accident becomes periodic, dedicated machines should be installed to maintain the quality of the product


The client is an established entity in automobile parts manufacturing industry. Having an experience of 5 decades, the client has been providing technology expertise in DC motors. They have been manufacturing 8 kinds of wiper motor systems, serving various auto tech giants in India like Tata, Mahindra, Ashoka Leyland, JCB, etc. Now, the client aims to automate the testing process of the windshield motor system to reduce human errors and increase efficiency.


To get the overall view of the scenario, Winjit’s machine Vision team identified the key requirements as:
Energy meters to be interfaced with RS-485.
Calibration of inspection instruments.
Digital capturing of voltage, current and RPM.
Software driven inspection process to digitize inspection parameters.
An automation to stamp OK motors.
A camera oriented buzzer system in case of mismatched harness.