Product Engineering

Product EngineeringConfiguring Technologies in a Smarter way

At Winjit, we believe in mapping innovational and transformational engineering solutions that sustain in the long run! With fast digital transformation, it’s essentially important to leverage and design around the latest technological advancements that are being introduced.
Unlocking your true business potential is no longer a myth! With Winjit’s unique method of designing and implementing, users can gain secure and scalable solutions that pose potentiality for future business endeavors. Our engineering team has collaborated with renowned industry experts to create the next generation of intuitive products through different strategies and methodologies.

Product Development

Winjit takes strategic initiatives to deploy and execute empowering methods in designing and developing a unique product. Winjit not only builds your product but also identifies the product’s market, trends and niche. All products are designed and developed on an open-source thus, enabling the users to freely customize as per client requirements. Winjit fabricates exceptional solutions by channeling through some of the latest technology trends that are up to date with the markets.
Winjit’s approach to adopting innovative methodologies has a proven track record of success ratio. With experience in designing and innovating solutions around wide and divisive industries, our solutions have proven exceptional choices for enterprises and businesses alike.

Winjit Provides the Following Software Solutions

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is one of the most competitive platforms for technologies to ground themselves in. Winjit being one of the prominent players has developed more than 1200 enterprises and consumer apps that have played an important role in changing the dynamics of our customer’s business.

Winjit’s Key Role in Mobility
  • Mobility utilization to improve and perfect the efficiency by reducing the time of a transaction and validation process.
  • Utilization of mobility to abstract data for decision making
  • Using mobility as a medium or channel for brands
  • Mobility stands sufficient to assist in increasing sales and revenues
Web Platform Solutions

Winjit provides all users a complete schematic plan that is empowered by a unique platform through utilizing tools, technologies and a secure server. Winjit enables its clientele to build interactive solutions through Web 2.0 – Web 3.0 ecosystem working platforms.


Winjit develops unique development software(s) for medium & large enterprises and corporates alike that strategically accentuate on communication and build meaningful collaboration between product management and operations. Development software requirement has a high demand for multiple verticals in just about every industry!

What We Leave on the Table for You!With Winjit’s solutions empowered by a functional combination of AI and Automation, users are able to get insights per scalable opportunity and deploy seasoned engineered business schemes. We deploy these initiatives by designing an idea based on research and then developing the product sufficiently and under compliance.
With our professional years of expertise, we help transform businesses across the sector by introspecting and aligning a strategic tactic that is geared to win!

Ideology & Nurturing


At Winjit we conduct intensive testing phases to ensure that we are validating the right solution for the current industry or niche. Our team has adequate knowledge to design and develop such a product based on the company’s vision or requirement and streamline the application in the real world. We further nurture an idea, align it with the best available solution and match with corresponding technologies that stand true to justify the product’s demand and need.

UI & UX with Advanced Research

One of the biggest setbacks for business owners is not being able to streamline strategic and sufficient advanced research skills. Our researches help to bring out the best findings of “how a product will perform”, and “what capabilities the product has”? Through these understandings, Winjit helps a consumer target and find out the best industry where the product can perform exponentially. UI and UX phases are both valued to provide customers with the best solution, against the wide range of competitors that are associated.

Product Engineering - UI/UX Design

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