Payment Collection

Payment Collection

"This case study showcases how Winjit’s Chat Bot (Virtual Assistant) will help the business owners to collect their invoices. This will help to speed up the collection process and simplify payments."


In today’s world, everyone is aware of mobile payment service, rather everyone uses this option of payment as it does not involve hard cash. If we talk about the cash payments, then firstly we should withdraw amount from the account and then we can use this cash to pay at shops. Later, shopkeeper have to deposit this cash in the bank. This process is time consuming. So instead of this, mobile payment service is adopted asits instant and convenient way to make payments. This mobile payment service allows Business Owners to issue the invoice online and also take credit cards on the spot by scanning via invoice or online.


A US based client has made the interface which helps small enterprises to collect their payments from different vendors.Client has developed an application for personalized transactions which is generally used for quick payments. They have provided timely payments with provision to their customers for quick and professional response.


TTo get the overall view of the scenario, Winjitteam communicated with the client to understand the exact requirements. The team
identified the primary requirements as building a Virtual Assistant Bot that will interact with the end customers on behalf of individual
merchants. The key requirements of the bot will be as follows:
Initiate an invoice review for Merchant’s client on the day of creation.
Reminder for outstanding invoices.
Customer management portal.
Develop a platform to connect customer directly to the Merchant.
Automate the billing and payment process.