Package Management Using OCR

Package Management Using OCR

"This case study showcases how Winjit’s Machine Vision was installed as part of the building and facilities management software in a residential tower, enabling the mangers to serve more than thousands of residents by managing their packages."


We all are living lives bounded by the shackles of time. Hence everyone seeks for a way to get the maximum output from a given time period. Even the employers don’t want their  employees to keep performing a repetitive task which can be replaced by a machine. Similar problem was identified by one of the leading building and facilities management software company which wanted to solve this problem using computer vision.


The client is an organization having its core competence in manufacturing, design and development of Test and Measuring Instruments and Industrial Control Products, since the last three decades.

Their Delta Meters are the conventional energy meters that continuously monitor data about consumption of energy over time. The quality control and monitoring of these meters were particularly dependent on the labours, which is vulnerable to poor accuracy, high time management, unorganised data and processes.

The client sought for a way to automate the process while eliminating human errors.


The client provides software solutions in the domain of facility management. It empowers management of the buildings to handle their myriad day-to-day tasks seamlessly and accurately, helps them foster a sense of community among their residents, and enhances their building’s or company’s unique brand identity. The organization offers tailored solutions for property managers looking to upgrade the total experience of managing, working at, or living in their luxury residential properties and commercial spaces. After identifying a redundancy in the process of package management, which involved a manual filling of data fields in abundance, a solution was desired by the client to completely automate the process of package management.