The Challenge

STEPapp is a pioneer in India that provides K12 learning content to students mapped to their school curriculum in an engaging, gamified format. They wanted to build a unified platform for Students, teachers and parents with a strong focus on key parameters - accessibility, quality, enjoyability, and affordability where students can get learning experience in weak network conditions.

The Approach

We identified acute pain to track school, regional language, subjects, content, teachers, timetable, mentorship, students, student’s syllabus and their records, and keep track of all activities associated with it. So we created an unified experience that focuses on solving this problem by connecting all dots and providing the students a gamified learning experience that helps them excel.

UI Design

We created a refined user interface that minimized the displayed information but maintained a clear action hierarchy. We also focused on making the vendor onboarding and service registration less daunting and gave the user a sense of comfort. The visuals are designed to make the user feel comfortable and avoid cognitive load.

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