Kotak boost

The Challenge

Kotak Life Insurance, a pioneer in insurance, approached us to build a platform for KLI's agents and partners, enabling them to perform their day-to-day tasks and activities faster, simpler, and smarter way!

The Approach

Kotak Life was seeking to boost its agent’s business performance, track policies in real-time, view policy portfolios, and track commitments. This application will help Kotak Life achieve its objectives while improving customer experiences.

UX Strategy

Having discovered what users want and why they want it, we have defined JTBD based on this information to target the jobs users wish to perform. After defining what users want to achieve, we started sketching with the crazy 8's method; we then came to the final solution sketches. Also, we focused on user journeys with low friction and high attention rate from agents and partners.

UI Design

During designing UI, we made sure that we are designing accessible designs as most of the users are over 40 years old. To reduce the learning curve, we have relied on layouts and navigation patterns popularly used in India's top 10 mobile applications.

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Kotak boost
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