The Challenge

Clozio is a pioneer in the USA for providing health real estate services in partnership with a vast network of agents and brokers. They wanted to build a system where all transactions like preparation, property listing, escrow, and post-closing were done seamlessly.

The Approach

We identified acute pain to track the property's life cycle and keep track of all activities associated with it. So we created an experience that focuses on solving this problem by connecting all dots and providing the user a piece of meaningful information that helps him make decisions.

UX Strategy

While developing the UX strategy, we targeted experience that helps all system users get efficient and complete awareness of events happening around listed property. So our main goal was to communicate status changes and upcoming events to the user to help them make informed decisions.

UI Design

By implementing the hierarchy of elements correctly, focusing on the vast number of agent's needs, and creating a flow for the users to increase ease-of-use, we created a platform that performed at the maximum capacity.

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