The Challenge

BuildingLink, a leader in property management solutions, approached us to improve their resident and vendor service management experience. With the launch of the Sando (Services and Offers) platform, their aim was to vastly improve the experience of booking and managing services for residents, vendors, and building managers.

The Approach

All types of the user involved in this system have different expectations and have different levels of complexity. Our goal was to design seamless experiences for all three types of users, so we quickly tested our design approach with a rapid prototyping method.

UX Strategy

While developing the UX strategy, we had to design an experience that scalable for all three current users plus future users or features added into
We create a plan on three main pillars, Convenience for residents, ease of use for vendors and, saving time for the manager. This helps to cater to a different user type in the same system with a high level of scalability.

UI Design

We created a refined user interface that minimized the displayed information but maintained a clear action hierarchy. We also focused on making the vendor onboarding and service registration less daunting and gave the user a sense of comfort. The visuals are designed to make the user feel comfortable and avoid cognitive load.

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