Online Event Insurance Management System

Online Event Insurance Management System

"With the developed web application marketing of different schemes as well number of quotation per day got increased with auditing information"


One of the world’s leading providers of Prize Insurance and Event Insurance. With a history of two decades the prize insurance has helped enhance marketing campaigns, sales promotions, sports events, fundraising promotions and more with exciting insured prize contests.
Event Insurance has been used to protect the events industry from the financial risks associated with organising or attending an event. Insurance cover including Cancellation and Abandonment, Non-Appearance, Public Liability, Employers Liability and “All Risks” Property is available for a range of events from a private function or local carnival to a major conference, exhibition, concert or festival.


An online system to build end to end insurance booking process:
The main objective of solution is to promote its insurance services through the website and encourage flexible purchase of the insurance products online. A web application that will enable its customers to view online all the services that it has to offer and buy their insurance products.