Machine Vision based Parking

Machine Vision based Parking

"This case study showcases how Winjit’s Machine Vision solution that was installed at the parking booths in a mall which speeded up the process of space allotment and exit of the vehicles after payment, entering the premises."


Visiting malls for buying necessities, shopping or for entertainment purposes has become an inevitable part of our lives. We all love taking our cars to the mall, loading up the trunk with our purchases and getting back home. But, a sizable chunk of our time gets wasted in looking up for the parking space for our vehicle, waiting in queue to pay for the parking ticket which is often delayed by human calculations.


The client is an established entity in various industries. The organizations run by the client comprises of over 25000 workers and 1000 plus management team across 6 verticals. The verticals or industries in which the client has deepened his roots are- Dairy, Hospitality, Retail, Ayuvedic OTC, Education, Beedi and more.

The client runs the biggest shopping centre in the holy city of Maharashtra, Nashik. Since running of a gigantic mall requires offering ample parking space to the customers as well, the client desires to switch from the traditional and conventional methods of handling the parking system to the new automated method, involving machine vision.


To get the overall view of the scenario, Winjit Technologies MV team communicated with the client to understand the exact requirements. The team identified the key requirements as:
Integrating MV with the current parking system.
Cameras enabled with vehicle’s registration plate detection and recognition.
Showing space occupancy with the help of cameras.
Creating and maintain database of the vehicles based on the registration plate.