Innovative IoT for HAPPY COWS

Innovative IoT for HAPPY COWS

"This case study showcases how Winjit’s IoTSense can be easily adopted in an existing ecosystem with immense scalability option and leverage technology to the dairy industry by using the Internet of things (IoT) to connect cattle and monitor their data."


In the age of the digitized human, with smart devices and wearables tracking our every move, we have become used to the idea of data points monitoring. It is imminent that these smart concepts have penetrated its presence in various industries and sectors including Agriculture. In the field of “Agritech”, internet-connected devices are helping farmers in conserving valuable energy, increase productivity and monitor the health of livestock.


A leading dairy product company wanted to implement IoT solution for monitoring activities of their cattle which will help them to reduce livestock losses, improve breeding success, maximize pastures and increase milk production that would in turn bring efficiency in their business management and maintain quality standards


To maintain the cows’ well-being, high quality milk production and reproductive function, the customer had to ensure the best environmental, physical and behavioural conditions. The customer wanted to monitor various activities of the cows based on their step count which would help them with heat detection, maintain healthy herds, cows’ well-being and comfort, and automated tools for reducing labour.