Innovative CollectSmart for Call Centre

Innovative CollectSmart for Call Centre

"This is long-term solution which operates independently, improving collection business on an ongoing basis. The actionable recommendations and solutions make sure that customer stays happy and business should continuously grow. A good solution is key to increase collections and grow business."


Collections is critical business for any financial business. There are multiple processes present in currently in the market. MIS teams are involved in creating campaigns. Excel sheets are being used at quite few places. Collection Strategies gets decide depending on the client’s behavior.


Customer based in South Africa is an independently owned business, that was established to meet the need for affordable finance for small taxi owners (the bulk of which are disadvantaged part fo the society). The business which has been in existence for more than eight years has created an asset based loan funded by sophisticated financial instruments giving the business a Moody’s rating of on the senior debt. Customer’s primary role is an enabler of affordable and safe transport to the 15 million commuters who travel the roads of South Africa every day


The objective of this solution is to develop a module which automate the campaign building process and allocation process for the Collections department. In order to enable the Collections Agents to call the customers for the collection, the accounts are divided in various categories based on certain rules. All these categories are considered as calling campaigns.