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Winjit’s Layered Banking System

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We provide turnkey and customized solutions at every stage of the customer journey right from knowing your customers to providing various plugs to the Enterprise Service Bus.

Winjit positions the applications in a strategic way that helps to capture, learn and leverage data. This is done in the following ways:

  • Unbundling and fragmentation of services
  • Customer onboarding solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Mass personalization solution

Accounting Solutions

Finance and accounting departments are vital for all businesses, regardless of what size the business is. Some of the most important accounting procedures are:

  • Taxation, tax preparation, and filing on behalf of corporate accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable

Winjit offers a wide range of simplified accounting solutions, geared to perform accurately, at super-lightning-speeds. The solutions offer the possibilities of reducing the cost of operating the business and enhance its statistical analytics.

Accounting Solutions

Winjit Finance Solutions

Micro-Finance Solution

The Micro-finance solution is a complete package that is based on a credit union functionality, associated in a co-op setting platform, including deposits, loans, and micropayments.

Loan Origination Solution

At Winjit, we have an entire workflow process in place that offers strategic loan origination process and automation for evaluating loan applications, validation, and disbursement.

Import Costing

One of the most essential tools in the logistics industry is the import costing tools. Costing tools are responsible for computing and calculating landing costs of an SKU, and safely kept in bookkeeping software.

Universal Tax Code

Winjit’s strategic tax structural design and implementation across the developed and developing economies has resulted in a global tax module. The module has been proven to offer users the freedom to adopt in any country and thereby providing access to greater acceptability.

BFSI & Insurtech Solutions

We implement solutions by understanding the true capabilities of your business and thereafter customize it. We believe in fulfilling a client’s demand by improving their net profit margins and eliminating any weak base that an organization may have.

An interactive digital 2.0 environment will engage more customers, build a loyal relationship and will help enhance the capabilities of an organization’s multi-modal learning

BFSI & Insurtech Solutions

FinSense by Winjit

Winjit Smart OCR
Winjit Smart OCR

Banks, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sectors tend to all face one common problem, and that is the ability to capture or extract information from non-texted format files. A perfect example is any sample of images or pictures and converting the information to readable text. The OCR systems not only convert the file to a readable state, but it also converts files to an editable format.

Loan Management & Collections System

It is feasible for financial businesses to manage all loaning and collection systems through one “single-smart-edged” system. Discover the empowerment of automation through game-changing technological advancements that are backed by vigilant AI and automation systems. Discover why your financial systems could use the extra “botted” help.

Loan Management
RPA Based Process Automation Solutions

RPA is slowly becoming a standardized procedure to mandate for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries. RPA systems use software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle the consistent toll of traffic. Specializing and building to offer the upmost customized methods to abstract and gain resourceful data from all your BFSI platforms.

Case Studies

Insurance Management

Loan Originations

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FinTech refers to financial technology that advertises investments, money transfers, personal and business loans, fundraising, asset management, and digital payment systems. Unlike traditional financial institutions, FinTech deals with customers on a digital level.

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