Evolving Landscape of Trade in South Africa

Evolving Landscape of Trade in South Africa

Every dark cloud has a Silver lining! While Covid-19 has turned our world upside down, incessant efforts of humanity will be rewarded. The news of successful phase-wise trials of vaccine are coming in and countries are resuming operations with precautions. New ways of living will be defined and we shall be ushered into the post Covid-19 world.

Economic growth is the point of focus. This in turn has a domino effect on multiple factors which will lead to growth and development. For example, infrastructure, employment, education, jobs, capital movement, innovation and so much more. Trade is a key factor driving economic growth. Countries have transformed their economies by investing in trade and focussing on their growth. Piqued by this thought, we started researching about South Africa and how trade has steadily played a role in the development of the country.

The findings and analysis have been beautifully put together in this edition of WinSights report. The report talks about Trade Finance and its impact on trade, in the South African context. The key focus is on how technology has the ability to transform Trade Finance practices. This will directly impact every single contract and trade transaction in the country, making it faster, reliable, and extremely efficient.

Technology when focussed on key drivers can indeed have a tremendously positive impact and transform the economic future of countries. To know more, please download our detailed WinSights report- Trade Finance in South Africa- Unleashing Potential with Technology.

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