Connecting Buildings and Gated Communities

Connecting Buildings and Gated Communities

"This case study showcases Winjit’s capabilities in leveraging technology to seek a solution to integrate buildings and simplify how building systems analyse data to uncover value and greater performance. "


In the age of the digitized human, with smart devices and wearables tracking our every move, we have become used to the idea of data points monitoring. It is imminent that these smart concepts have penetrated its presence in various industries and sectors including construction. A smart building is any structure that uses automated processes to automatically control the building’s operations including heating, ventilation, air conditioning,
lighting, security and other systems. A smart building uses sensors, actuators and microchips, to collect data and manage it according to a business functions and services.


Our client is a famous brand, known for building automated residential solutions. The client had procured a profound experience with the provision of HVAC, Security, and Sustainable Living Solutions. The client owns an extensive network of highly qualified property managers and facility managers. They aim for integrated automation solutions for building controls; They wanted to consider smart applications of IoT-based solutions with business partners.


The client was seeking a budget friendly solution to integrate buildings which would increase the efficiency of day to day monitoring and enable the residents to understand and use the property smartly.