Connect WhatsApp to your HR system

Connect WhatsApp to your Day-to-day business systems

Due to the popularity of WhatsApp, many companies have started using it to provide their customers with a more personalized automated service. In contrast, many companies have a hard time managing their teams especially when they are at remote sites or don’t have access to the same technology. WhatsApp can offer employers the same benefits that it does to retailers, as most employees have access to, and use WhatsApp daily.
Winjit has solutions for integrating your business processes to WhatsApp. One of the most amazing benefits of integrating WhatsApp with existing systems like your HR system is its ability to allow companies to automate the communication with their employees and internal departments effectively. The WhatsApp and HR system integration can help your company improve efficiency and make employer to employee communication simple.
WhatsApp can help you recruit new workers, manage leave applications, and more. Having the ability to interact directly with the various departments of a company is very beneficial for any organization.
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