BlockchainPlace Your Blocks Where it Matters the Most

The modern technology world has seen the emergence of 3Ds – Democratization, Decentralization and Distribution of computing power and resources. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain have allowed implementing – ‘Automation of Trust’ across disparate and discrete business processes that help to validate transactions with the right amount of sharing of proprietary data.

Enterprises and Organizations are adopting DLTs and blockchain has enabled to incentivize and create data capsules from the huge amount of digital data that is generated. The data capsules in the form of signed and validated tokens enable to execute business processes that have conventionally designed as a one-stop ending point.


KonnectSense by Winjit


Winjit’s product – KonnectSense brings the abstraction layer of different DLT protocols that allows leveraging various public and private blockchain platforms for its underlying strength.

A generic framework to customize smart contracts irrespective of the blockchain platform and its ability to interact with stored procedures and other workflow processes present in conventional enterprise systems is the hallmark of KonnectSense.

KonnectSense has found several applications across different technological domains that form the core of our service offerings that include:

Creating Serverless based Network Solutions
Identity Management
Decentralized Marketplace
Digital and Virtual tokenization of Assets
DApps Development and Deployment
Provenance and Traceability Process
Contract and Document Management
P2P Lending Solutions


Practical Blockchain

Blockchain software has become the backbone of digital currency and has earned its place in the financial sector.  In fact, it is the sole tool that has strengthened the position of cryptocurrency in the market. It is also an essential software that has improved the financial industry in more ways than one.

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