Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningBuilding Superior Machines of Tomorrow

AL & MLBuilding Superior Machines of Tomorrow

Winjit has dedicated itself to building autonomous machines across multiple platforms for a variety of industries that replicate intelligent cognitive behavior. Cognition leads to exceptional behavior that helps to facilitate:

  • Effective decision-making protocols based on patterns
  • Improved Human-Machine interface(s)
  • Innovating and improving Machine-2-Machine communication systems
We apply various data strategies and schematic models for a wide range of business processes onto big data through cloud platforms. It is then placed in the smaller dataset on the edge level and is incorporated on-device machine learning.

Machine Learning


Machine Learning solutions are designed to process data and gain essential insights. All solutions are designed and built to efficiently utilize specific algorithms that are associated with advanced data mining strategies that help to drive your business procedures effectively.

Data Validation & Clean-up

We offer solutions and platforms that provide real-time data validation. Processes that help to remove data that isn’t useful versus that data that has the potential to unlock additional insights over the products or services offering. The procedure undergoes normalization and cleansing of different types of data and subsets of data. Additionally, incoming streams of data are analyzed and validated prior to further processing.

Smart Security

For securing network infrastructure solutions are designed to stand impenetrable and vigilant against uncommon pattern anomalies that could be potential to be raised as a flag/ alert. Now users can stay ahead of the game, and know when a strange upturn pattern occurs within your line of business.

Compression Techniques

Through large data streams, Winjit has developed its unique software algorithms that provide real-time compression through patterns of data that is processed, providing an optimized solution specifically for data management cost.

Prediction & Forecasting Techniques

Winjit team of developers and engineers have innovated and created statistical models coupled with advanced software tools to assist and enhance machine learning processes. Winjit has also implemented multiple predictions and forecasts models that find its applications in the areas of the commodity market, insurance, and retail banking.

Vision Sense by Winjit


New Age, Real-time Computer Vision & Advanced Image Processing Solutions Leverage Advanced Models of Convolutional Neural Networks.

Real-Time Object Detection & Tracking

With Winjit’s advanced, convolutional neural network-driven platforms, we offer models that allow users to define objects through detection in real-time. These detections and tracking help deploy action triggers. Detection includes 1,2, and 3D based detection systems.

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Document Validation & Verification

Document validation and verification is a solution that aims to automate manual procedures to validate and verify both standard and customized files/documents.

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Machine Vision in Assembly Line Automation

Winjit’s machine vision in assembly line automation services; specializes in manufacturing assembly lines method of consumer goods validations and verifications. It is deployed by creating and channeling the system to streamline as an automated process of inspecting and verifying the assembly line.

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Detecting Human Expressions & Body Language

Winjit specializes in innovating and designing unique detection technology systems. Some exceptional examples are facial recognition, identification of age; based on behavior, gender identification. Our solutions are designed to also identify emotions and positions of the person.

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality

With the advent of high-end GPU on devices, augmented reality models are built wherein high-quality 3D objects are superimposed in the realm of reality vision through the camera. Applying different advanced superimposing techniques, Winjit has developed a wide range of combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions in the areas of mining and industrial training.

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Image Matching & Image Identification

Our solutions enable users to optimize searches in real-time, image matching for 2D planar objects, like apparel to 3D objection to help users identify such attributions associated with such product or item. Sensors are able to identify the shape, color, trend insights, identifications of elements used and an in-depth pre-calculation of its dimensions.

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Human to Machine & Machine to Machine Conversational Solutions


Winjit “Turing” machine structures allow businesses to adopt interactive-computerized procedures. Our aim with conversational technology is to mimic and imitate human-to-human, human-to-machine, and machine-to-machine interactions. The strategies are derived through advanced natural language processing and advanced analytics that include sentimental and contextual analyses. The unique “Turing” structure framework provides users to deploy and build up conversational commerce voice and text platforms.

Machines That Find Vital Applications For “Turing Machines”Unique Areas of Applications are identified by Winjit’s “Turing” Machines
Unique Interactive Chatbots

Get interactive vocal and text-driven chat bots that provide an essential medium for human to machine interactions, aside from the conventional WYSIWYG and touch interfaces.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Winjit incorporates the ability for programs to handle other machine input tasks and sort on priority.

Automated Digital Assistance (ADA Technology)

Winjit works around a collection of outputs that builds a commensurable solution that either works parallel to such digital assistant giants like Google and Apple’s Siri digital voice assistant. The solutions, revolve around facilitating enterprise operations that involve submitting of time-sheets, expense vouchers, and scheduling activities.

Case Studies

QI of Windshield Motor System

QI of Windshield Motor System

Payment Collections

Activist bot Platform

Loan Origination Predictions

Insurance Lapse Prediction

Quality Inspection

Machine Vision based Parking

Package Management using OCR

Rainfall Impact on Commodity Pricing


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