Should AI be Considered a Breakthrough Innovation in FinTech?

Should AI be Considered a Breakthrough Innovation in FinTech?

Traditional financial services are quickly being replaced with digital technologies. Experts predict that traditional banking and investment services will no longer exist in the next few decades. Many financial companies have already deployed financial technology (FinTech) services to keep in line with the shifting customer trends.

The finTech sector has developed a lot over the years. Today many companies are starting to useartificial intelligence (AI) to carry out different activities. AI technology is being used to monitor account activities, understand spending habits, analyze accounts, and make financial decisions. The technology is also being used to provide tailored services to customers.

AI-based FinTech solutions can continually analyze customer data. The solutions can help make smart investment decisions. Technological tools can assist customer service personnel in addressing customer concerns. AI technology is built to learn and improve services over time using real-time data.

1. Virtual Advisor

AI-based financial solutions can provide financial coaching and advice to customers. The solutions act as a virtual consultant providing financial advice tailored to the needs of the customers. They have a range of applications across different industries, helping clients to navigate  spending, saving, and financial plans.

Customers can ask AI-based financial solution advice related to spending, savings and financial planning. Adoption of AI-based financial assistant results in improved user engagement and positive customer experience.

Digital AI-based financial assistants are created using the natural language processing (NLP) machine learning model. The algorithm can process human language to better understand customer concerns. The AI-assistants can make recommendations based on the specific requirements of the customer.

AI-based assistants can also send a promotional notification to customers. For instance, they can say, “Stock prices are expected to rise, you should consider investing in XYZ stocks.” These assistants can also help in dividend management, portfolio optimization, transaction notifications, and more.

2. Fraud Identification and Minimization

AI-based FinTech solutions can be used to minimize the risk of fraud. The tools can collect and analyze relevant data. The tools can learn and monitor the activities to identify threats. AI-based tools can recognize suspicious behaviors and fraud attempts.

Using machine learning (ML) techniques claims management can be built up indifferent stages for handling fraudulent activities. Machine learning algorithms can be developed that can be trained to detect suspicious activities and take appropriate actions. The technology can learn about fraudulent claims and adjust to new cases based on self-learning abilities.

3. Predictive Analysis in FinTech

AI can quickly process a large amount of data and make predictions based on past activities. The technology can improve overall financial management strategy, resource, optimization, and revenue generation. In this context, technology can be considered a breakthrough as it can improve financial processes and internal operations, resulting in better quality customer service.

Business analytics can benefit organizations across different industries to optimize financial operations. Using the latest predictive algorithms, AI-based financial solutions can lead to quality decision making and effective outcomes. They can be used to deploy tailored, prescriptive solutions that are unique for each individual.

Predictive analysis can help in assessing stocks and other financial options and prevent bad investment decisions. The tools can analyze large amounts of data to identify insights and patterns. The results of the analysis can be used to predict the performance of financial securities. The tools can use various techniques such as data mining and deep machine learning to boost predictive accuracy.

4. Customer Risk Profile

AI-based FinTech solutions can be used to make the customer risk profile. Machine learning-based tools can be used to create customer risk scores. The tools can help automate the categorization of the clients based on risk analysis. They can automate the process of categorizing customers based on low to high-risk profiles.

Based on the categorization, financial firms can associate financial products based on the risk profile of each customer. The AI-based tools can also make recommendations automatically based on the risk profile of customers.

Customer risk classification models such as an artificial neural network (ANN) can be trained to analyze historical customer data and create a customer risk profile. Using AI-based technology can reduce the data-induced bias that can lead to negative outcomes.

5. Automated Processing of Claims

AI FinTech solutions can automate the process of making claims. The traditional claim process is lengthy and cumbersome. AI bots can complete the process much quicker and in a more pleasant manner resulting in client satisfaction.

AI-based solutions can use image recognition and predictive analysis features to speed up the payout process. The result is quick processing of claims, less friction, and reduced cost for the organization. Adopting the solution will lead to reduced errors in processing the claim. The entire process will become seamless for both the organization and the customer.

The AI bots can take charge of the entire claim process. The bots can walk the customer through the steps required to make a claim. It can offer advice and guidance on how to make a successful claim. The bot will request the customer to submit documents, including photos and videos. All the information that is required for processing the claim is processed through the machine learning-based fraud detection algorithm. The system will look for anomalies in the data and raise a red flag in case of suspicious activities.


FinTech is headed towards a breakthrough transformation with AI-based solutions. The technology can provide tailored customer services to improve predictive accuracy. Customers can rely on AI-based financial solutions to provide relevant advice for optimizing financial position.

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