How VUI-Equipped Devices Are Changing Our Lives Today

How VUI-Equipped Devices Are Changing Our Lives Today

It is possible to use a voice interface to allow the user to interact with computer-based smart systems such as smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. Many virtual assistants, including Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa are excellent examples of VUI-based systems that can be controlled with voice or speech commands. The key advantage of a VUI system is that it allows for a seamless hands-free operation though which users can interact with their smart products. This way, they won’t have to hold the device in their hands or be glued to their screens and will easily be able to operate them while focusing on something else.

As of now, voice user interfaces have been added to home automation systems, automobiles, computer operating systems, and even home appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens. They have also become the primary means of interaction with virtual assistants on smart speakers and smartphones.

The voice command device (VCD) is an appliance that can be controlled with a voice user interface, and the new cutting edge VCDs available today are almost completely speaker-independent. This means that they can effectively respond to several voices, irrespective of the accent or dialect of the speaker. They also have the capability of responding to multiple commands simultaneously.

They can easily separate vocal messages, and also provide appropriate feedback, by imitating a natural conversation more accurately.

Let us check out some of the major advantages of using voice interface technology to get things done:

Users Will Be Able to Use the Device without Holding It

A voice user interface solution can enable the users to speak on the phone without holding it next to their ear. For example, if your phone rings when you are taking a shower or if you are operating heavy machinery, you can activate the call via voice command only. This is both safe and convenient since you will be able to concentrate on what you are doing instead of fumbling around with your phone.

They Can Help Save Time

A VUI can act as an extra pair of hands when you are in the middle of something complex that requires all your focus. When you are driving, for instance, you can easily communicate with Google Maps and verbally ask it for directions to your desired destination. Here, your voice command activated device will help ensure that you won’t have to take out your phone and add to the destination. You will be able to do the needful without taking your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road, thus making your driving experience more safe and convenient.

Assist in Day-to-Day Operations


You can use voice reignition technology to help you to take down notes that can be converted to text documents. VUI equipped tools can, therefore, prove to be very handy for overworked administrators who will be able to work on things that matter, rather than looking for documents among the many notes strewn all over their desks.

They Can Help Increase the Quality of Life for People Suffering From Physical Impairments

Voice interfaces can radically transform the way physically impaired people live their lives. VUI-enabled devices can read out messages, emails, and blogs to people suffering from visual impairments. They can help them access the internet or even read paper documents.

In case a user has a hearing impairment, the VUI device will be able to convert audiobooks and messages into readable text that they could see on their device screen. It can also be very difficult for disabled people to use their fingers and hands to interact with their smart devices. Here, VUI technology can help to create a more accessible and inclusive product for everyone concerned.

They Can Create a More Human Experience

Highly accurate and efficient voice interfaces create a much more human conversation when compared to any other type of device. The rapid advancements in machine learning (ML) and natural language processing have led to more productive interactions with brands and smart devices. This, in turn, has resulted in a considerably less robotic VUI experience.

They Streamline Communication between People Speaking Different Languages

A state-of-the-art VUI equipped device can help to streamline the communication between individuals who don’t understand each other’s languages. This is of tremendous importance to people who like to travel and backpack to exotic foreign locations. Moreover, it is possible to hold sensitive business communications and online meetings without the need for a human translator or any security-related worries.

You Can Get Things Done Faster

We can all talk a whole lot faster than we can type. Apart from that, it is also much easier to issue a voice command to your TV or speaker system. Compare this to switching on your favorite channel or song by pushing buttons and turning knobs. Moreover, if you wake up feeling cold, you can simply tell your VUI-equipped climate control system to increase the temperature to the desired level instead of getting out of bed.

You Will Be Able to Control Multiple Products Simultaneously

Many VUI-based virtual assistants such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa allow users to control thousands of smart home devices and products. You will be able to order your kettles, microwave ovens, and refrigerators to do what you want them to do. You can even activate them all via a single voice command such as good morning to get them working, or all units shut down when you turn in for the night.


In light of the above, we can state that voice interfaces are extremely important in our day to day lives today and our reliance on this technology is only going to grow in the future. You can contact Winjit for more information on this interesting topic.