How Advanced OCR Can Aid In Data Integrity?

How Advanced OCR Can Aid In Data Integrity?

Data is the new fuel for businesses as it helps them identify the challenges and opportunities. But the same data needs a lot of protection else hackers can access it and cause unrest.

There are usually three kinds of data i.e. data at rest, data in motion, and data in use. Data at rest is processed and stored in hard disk or cloud and can be protected with encryption, digital or physical control, etc.

Data in motion is one that is already generated and now is traveling on a network for processing. This data, for instance, is moving from local to cloud storage can be encrypted so that it’s not manipulated while moving from source to destination.

The last is Data in use, which means it’s still in the generation process with multiple endpoints. Protecting this data is challenging as data is yet to be processed and multiple users may have access to it. This data can be protected with identities and even employees signing a confidentiality agreement.

Today, we will talk about data in motion and how hacking it can pose a serious threat. Let’s consider that government officials scan identity documents to record citizen information. The data when entered or scanned using the computer of mobile passes the information over the network (Wi-Fi/mobile), which is the point of vulnerability. The network can give access to a hacker to steal sensitive data, which is a serious issue as the leakage of data can sometimes be even life-threatening.

How Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Can Be A Game Changer For Data Integrity?

The ultimate solution to protect the data is utilizing technology that can process the data without needing any network. It means once the data is generated it is processed on the device itself without sending information over any network such as a router, Wi-Fi, mobile network, etc. This solution comes with Optical Character Recognition OCR technology.

A lot of businesses these days are data-driven and cannot afford two important things data leakage and inaccuracy while data recording and processing. OCR is capable of providing a solution for both these challenges. OCR helps in maintaining data integrity and increases accuracy.

OCR identifies and extracts the data from a document using pattern recognition technology. The data extracted is editable so that the businesses can make use of it. OCR now comes with content governance where the advanced classification technology helps in identifying the type of data i.e. sensitive, redundant, important, relevant, etc. Thus, deploying OCR can protect the data and reduce the risk of it getting hacked.


OCR is capable of offering higher efficiency at low cost, which makes it an impeccable technology for businesses to adopt. It minimizes human errors and makes the data processing faster overall. Winjit, a true leader in IoT, AI, ML & Fintech offers customized OCR technology solutions. Thus, if your business needs an advanced data integrity solution, contact our experts today.