AI Security: What Businesses Should Know?

AI Security: What Businesses Should Know?

Cybersecurity is now the top threat faced by businesses today. Statistics show that cyber attacks cost businesses millions of dollarsin losses every year. With the rising threat of online attacks, businesses need to implement innovative cybersecurity solutions.

AI shows great potential in allowing businesses to identify, prevent, and react to emerging cybersecurity threats. Businesses can leverage from AI to more effectively fight cybercrime.  AI cybersecurity solutions can help organizations in improving the overall security posture thereby reducing the risks of online attacks.

Adopting AI Cybersecurity: What You Should Know?

AI cybersecurity solutions enable security experts to take proactive steps to prevent online attacks. Using AI can help security personnel to analyze a large amount of data. The AI apps can help in identifying latest malware and threats.

Adoption of AI can create real-time authentication frameworks that assist cybercriminals in developing better prevention and recovery strategies.

Enterprise AI cybersecurity solutions can help in identifying patterns from large amount of data. This can enable cybersecurity experts to know aboutlatent or unknown threats. One company that had

AI security solutions can also ‘learn’ to fight online intrusions without human input. Antigena, an AI cybersecurity solution by Darktrace, use machine learning to help networks automatically take action to protect against online attacks without any previous knowledge of the attacks. The AI solution makes use of machine learning techniques that were originally developed by MI5 for detecting cybercrime. It could respond faster than a cybersecurity team due to the ability to proactively detect threats.

How AI Works in Security Systems?

AI solution algorithms create a decision process that mimics the decision process of the human brain. Early machine learning based algorithms tried to emulate the brain but failed miserably. The human mind is too complex that can’t be modeled with an algorithm. As a result, the developers shifted the focus on decision mechanism instead of trying to replicate the brain structure.

Modern AI solutions work more effectively in making decisions. The algorithm can quickly analyze a large amount of data. It can analyze network data to look for suspicious behaviors and make quick decisions. The machine learning based solution can detect deviations and identify threats.

AI security solutions could help protect every stage of the development life cycle. Algorithms can constantly scan systems for vulnerabilities and create a coordinated response in case of a security breach.

Capabilities of AI Cybersecurity Solutions

AI security solutions differ in terms of functions and tasks. The functionalities are different that are targeted to varied business needs. Here is a brief overview of some of the ways in which AI security lets businesses fight against online threats.

1. Predict Online Attacks

AI platforms can help prevent damage by predicting complex online attacks. They use machine learning to detect file-less attacks, zero-day payload, and other malware.  The solutions operate by analyzing billions of sample cases and identifying threats. They determine which threats should be prioritized based on different factors.

AI solutions can predict network attacks by analyzing patterns. They can identify malicious activities and thwart the attack before they do major damage. In case something suspicious is detected, the system can send a notification informing the security teams about a potential security threat.

2. Real-time Monitoring of Threats

A great benefit of adopting AI-based cybersecurity solutions is that they allow real-time monitoring of threats. Machine learning based solutions can hunt and identify potential threats. These solutions allow security personal gain greater visibility of the security environment. It allows them to have advance warning of possible threats allowing them to take timely actions.

3. End-to-End Security

Enterprise AI security solution offer end-to-end security for organizations to quickly respond to threats. Organizations can reduce the risk of online attacks due to memory leaks, buffer overflow and other security system vulnerabilities that are exploited by malicious users. The solution uses machine learning to profile and monitor privileged accounts and detect abused accounts and suspicious behaviors.

4. Automation

AI-powered cybersecurity solutions have security automation capabilities. They can automate the security functions of different industries including finance, healthcare, aviation, and others.  The machine learning based AI security solutions can detect and protect against different threats including Trojans, ransomware, and other threats.

5. Reduced Security Costs

Adopting AI security solutions allow businesses to save cost in identifying threats. The solution also help the security team to save precious time in detecting network threats allowing them to focus on strategic aspects of making the system more secure.

6. Protection against Advanced Attacks

Implementation of machine learning based security solutions can allow organizations to avoid the threats due to spear phishing, breaches, and damage from harmful emails. Organizations can use AI powered cybersecurity solutions to create email filters to block emails from suspicious users. The security platform helps security personnel keep up-to-date with the overall health of the infrastructure.

AI solutions can help in separating critical risks from non-critical routine activities. It can help cybersecurity personals learn about the chain of activities that results in online attacks.

Final Remarks

AI security is being adopted at an increasing rate by enterprises in the developed world. About 61 percent of enterprises in a survey had stated that they are able to more effectively detect breaches by adopting AI technologies. Additionally, around 48 percent organizations in the same survey indicated that they plan to increase budget for AI security implementation in 2020.

Many organizations today are developing test cases for implementation of AI cybersecurity across the organizations. A large number of organizations are focusing on endpoint AI security due to the proliferation of endpoint devices including mobile and other wireless devices. AI based endpoint security will help organizations to better protect the networks that are remotely connected to client devices.

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